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The Threat of Nuclear War, and a Call for Assistance

The Threat of Nuclear War, and a Call for Assistance

Hey, folks. In lieu of a regular post this week I wanted to give myself a little breathing room, and to ask for your help.

First, I want to acknowledge the elephants in the room: yes, the war we saw coming has arrived, and we can expect ripples from this conflict to continue for some time. This is an extremely complicated issue--too complicated for me to do anything more than summarize, so I will elide it for the time being. Yes, the IPCC released their report and it is predictably bad news. And, yes, suddenly a nuclear attack or all out war seems more possible than for the last twenty-five years or so.

The thing is, your mother's apocalypse doesn't change things. The basics of survival are always the same. What changes, really, is the cost of that survival. And that, too, is a complicated subject. I don't think it's worth speculating on at the moment--nor do I have particularly useful lessons for making it through nuclear war. Someday, maybe. But, on to the ask.

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I enjoy doing this work. I feel like I'm contributing a little something to the world. But it is work. Help me make this preparedness crew a little bigger.

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